teen girl telehealthPsychiatric Services

Telemedicine Only

With very limited exceptions, all appointments are currently telemedicine. In the near future, Dr. Shampaine will provide the option of scheduling appointments in her Bethesda office.

New Patient Evaluation

Patients new to the practice receive an initial psychiatric evaluation. This time is invaluable, and an opportunity to understand the medical, psychological, and social factors that will be considered when making an accurate diagnosis and creating a treatment plan.

  • All new patients will need to activate their patient portal and complete intake paperwork one week prior to their appointment. After the paperwork is reviewed, additional patient questionnaires and assessment tools will be added to the portal. Please complete these assessments prior to the appointment. If available, please provide records of prior testing, treatment, and school evaluations.

What to Expect

Child and Adolescent Evaluation

  • All new child or adolescent evaluations require a 75–90-minute appointment. Parents/guardians must be in attendance for child or adolescent appointments.
  • Typically, Dr. Shampaine will spend 25 minutes with parents/guardians, 25 minutes with the child/adolescent if appropriate, and finally, 15-20 minutes with the family discussing initial recommendations.
  • Individualized treatment plans are based on best practice guidelines with consideration for the unique needs of each child and family. Recommendations may include medication, referrals, lab work, and/or therapy.
  • Changes in environmental and behavioral/parenting approaches may also be recommended.

Adult Evaluation

  • Please be prepared to spend 60–75 minutes on the appointment.
  • Individualized treatment plans are based on best practice guidelines and may include medication, specific therapy referrals, and lab work.
  • Changes in lifestyle and environmental approaches may also be recommended.

teen girl telehealth

Follow Up/Return Visits

Return visits for medication management are typically 30 minutes long.

Extended return visits of 45–60 minutes are available, allowing more time for patients with complex conditions or including psychotherapy with medication management.

The frequency of return visits varies based on changes in medication regimen and overall psychiatric stability.